Let me introduce myself: My name is Hal Hickey and my 28 years of experience in leading and managing people, gives me a unique perspective on how people make organizations work. I can help you bring out the best in staff and their relations to managers and supervisors. If you are working with various unions and union members and have challenging labour relations issues, I can explore practical and straight forward strategies that will work. Concise Human Resource Services represents for me what I enjoyed the most in my years as an executive director, director, manager and supervisor, that is people management. In the recent past, I have coached directors, managers and supervisors to be able to obtain the very best from their work teams and staff. My goal is to bring my experience to your workplace so you might also benefit from many practical solutions implemented over the years.

Recent experience:

Regional Executive Director Industry Canada: While responsible for the delivery of all radio spectrum management client services in the BC and Yukon regions, simultaneously created and implemented a unique team of experts from across Canada to deliver the mandate of security for all communications during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Regional Executive Director Passport Canada: Responsible for delivery of all Passport services for the four western Provinces including the screening and production of over 1 million passports yearly. During this time the workforce was tripled and a second shift was deployed at each office for the first time in the organization's history.

Regional Executive Director Customs Border Service and Revenue Canada: Responsible for the delivery of Border services in a commercial post audit environment. During this time, implementing the transition to Government Agency status as well as lead responsibilility for implementing a new employee classification system for the Agency. 

Work Description Writing: Significant experience in the design of a classification standard, work description writing and evaluating job classification. This includes experience in training managers and directors in the "art" of creating work descriptions that will be compensated appropriately.