Coaching Managers

I offer personalized coaching of those who have key responsibilities to lead and manage people. If your requirements are for formalized training, your needs can be assessed and a training session planned and delivered. If one-on-one coaching is needed, this can be at planned intervals or on an ad hoc approach. Coaching sessions are completely customizable and tailored to the needs of the organization and manager/supervisor. Whether you are new to managing people or need some pointers to deal with situations that are creating obstacles to a productive environment, I can help you.

Work/Job Description Writing

I offer a complete range of work description writing services from modifying existing work descriptions to the creation of new positions. Compensation based on the correct classification of a position is key to helping an organization achieve it's goals. This is a highly specialized field and considerable experience must be brought to bear to obtain appropriate classification levels.

Hiring New Staff

Successful human resource management begins at the initial hiring point. Some say that 75% of your labour relations is achieved at this point! What to look for in your hiring process to lead to a highly productive and motivated employee with potential to take on new challenges. I can help you identify those individuals who will help you achieve your vision!

Work Planning

How to communicate with your employees so your goals can be met and their personal career goals can be achieved. Measuring results not only lets management know that staff are performing, it provides a benchmark by which employees can measure their success or what areas of improvements need focus.

Labour Relations and Conflict Resolution

A skilled manager with the know how to manage labour relations and all the nuances that are present in a labour workforce can lead to a productive and healthy workplace. This does not happen automatically, it needs continuous attention so that issues are not time-consuming. Communications and understanding between management and staff requires working smartly with staff representatives who often share some of the same goals as management.

Employee Discipline

There is nothing like the thought of handing out disciplinary measures to drive many managers and supervisors to avoidance. With the proper coaching, the discipline process can be considered and applied by the manager or team supervisor and achieve positive results for the work unit. Problems must not be allowed to fester and drain productivity from your workforce.